Secure Empty Trash Not Working Mac OS X

Secure Empty Trash Not Working Mac OS X

Do you want to erase some of your confidential data and want to keep it completely inaccessible? Mac provides a special feature secure empty trash it can helps you to forbidden the accessibility of your file permanently. It uses writing random pattern of files on the deleted data instantly when you emptied your trash. You can access secure empty trash option by two simple method but you can only use this feature when some items are available in the trash.

How to access secure empty trash feature

  1. Press and hold Command key and then right click on trash icon

  2. You can also use finder option to see secure empty trash

However this feature is a bit time consuming in compare to the normal way of emptying trash due to its complex overwriting process. You can also enable the always empty trash option to rescue your files permanently. Using this method makes it difficult to recover your erased data.

Download Mac Trash Recovery Software

Sometimes it happens that secure empty trash stop working on Mac OS X. Generally it happens due to corruption issue in Mac. Although Mac OS is very enhanced and sophisticated but however it is not completely free from corruption issue. Corruption can occurs in Mac system due to any possible reason. Any type of corruption can be easily repaired by formatting your hard drive so you can format your hard drive in order to use secure empty trash option. But formatting of hard drive can ultimately results as entire data loss situation so in such situation you can use backup files to restore your data. But somehow if you are unable to restore your all valuable data with backup then you can use Mac Trash Recovery Software to regain all your data completely. It can recover data completely after any disastrous data loss situation. It is also able to recover overwritten files as well. So while using this software you can easily format your hard drive without any worry when secure empty trash not working on Mac OS X.

Some Remarkable Features of Mac Trash Recovery Software:

  • Recovers any lost data easily even overwritten ones
  • Doesn’t need any technical knowledge to rescue data
  • Restore data very quickly within few minutes
  • Offers selective recovery of files
  • Enables you to see preview of recovered files
  • Compatible with any Mac machine and OS

User Guide for Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 1: Launch Mac Trash Recovery Software on your Mac PC

mac trash recovery

Step 2: Now choose the drive from where you want to retrieve your data

Mac Trash Recovery Tool

Step 3: Now select files which you need to recover

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 4: Start the scanning process to recover your files

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 5: In the end save your files on the location where you need to store them

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Download Mac Trash Recovery Software

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