How to Secure Empty Trash on Mac?

Considering a Practical Situation……

Yesterday, on Mac OSX I had opened my all folders or files in the Mac Trash which shows around 60 stuffs total but at the same time when I clicked on “Secure Empty” then, it showed that over 60, 000 stuffs being deleted so, immediately I stopped the Secure Empty but I’m sure that it deleted somethings. Therefore, I really need to free up space on my Startup Disk but I terrified because if I will empty the Mac Trash then, I will lost or delete all my important files or folders such as photos or other documents. Therefore, I really need your help so, please kindly suggest me that what should I have to do now????

Secure Empty Trash is an application which is specially provided by Mac OSX because it is one of the feature through which when you works by writing random patterns of the data over Mac trashed files then, it will immediately after it has been emptied as well as removed from the file system but apart from this process which takes place over time throughout the normal Mac PC usage as more files are created as well as deleted.

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However, there are two easiest ways to secure empty Trash on your Mac OSX so, in oder for either option to be visible to you therefore, in this case you must need to have some files or folders within Mac Trash otherwise the option will not be visible since there is nothing to trash.

Now you can Quickly Secure Empty Trash in Mac OSX with a Right-Click – because Mac operating system makes it easier than ever to access the secure file removal so, just follow the following mentioned steps :

Step 1 : First you need to click Command+Right click on Trash
Step 2: After that select “Secure Empty Trash” and then, you must need to hold the “Command” key so, that you need to right-click on the Trash icon in the Dock or you can else the secure option will not be visible.

Secure Empty Trash from the Finder Menu – Now the “Secure Empty” option is also accessible from the Finder Menu so, that the resulting behavior is an identical in that because overwrites can removed data :
Step 1 : Anything in Mac Trash can pull down “Finder” menu as well as choose “Secure Empty Trash” but it will takes longer time than emptying the Trash as normal because aforementioned overwriting takes place so, when more files you can secure deleting then, it takes longer process.

But let me one thing clear that you cannot restore your data back if you have deleted or lost from Secure Empty Process because no any recovery tool is compatible to do this even Mac Trash Recovery Tool also therefore, if you have lost or deleted your Mac stuffs from Mac Trash due to some certain reasons of corruption or issues then, it is quite possible to retrieve lost or deleted data from Mac Trash in an effective way.

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